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Liquid Waterproofing Compound

Motion Paints LWC is a “Tonic for Cement” that enhance and modifies the properties of cement while constructing a new building. It is a specially formulated additive composed of cement compatible surface-active agent, polymers &additives. It is used as an additive for cement concrete, mortar & plasters while constructing the building because plasticizing properties makes concrete cohesive and prevents segregation. It improves the integral waterproofing properties of cement concrete & plasters after curing. The three major benefits that accrue from adding LW+ into cement are No rusting of steel bars, No Leakages, hence the result is longer life of the building.

Areas of Application

·        Waterproofing of concrete and sand-cement mortars used in

·        Brick mortar,

·        Foundation,

·        Wall plaster,

·        Roof Slab

·        Basements,

·        Roof slabs and screeds,

·        Water tanks & water retaining structures,

·        External plastering,

·        Bathrooms and balconies,

·         Sumps and drains


Method of Application

·        Charge cement & aggregates to the concrete mixer as per the mix design, mix in a dry state for 1–2 minutes.

·        Start addition of 70–80% mixing water & mix for 2-3 minutes.

·        Motion Paints LWC is added as per the recommended dosage into the remaining mixing / gauging water, then add to concrete mixer & mix for another 2 minutes.

·        Discharge the concrete/plaster for the application.

·        Cure the applied mortar or concrete as per good construction practices.

Precautions & Limitations

·        Do not add Motion Paints LWC directly to dry cement & aggregate mix.

·        Maintain the water-cement ratio as low as possible.

·        Do not increase the dosage of Motion Paints LWC than the recommendation.



200ml per 50 kg bag of cement.



1 liter, 5 liters, 20 liters


Shelf life & storage

12 months from the date of manufacturing in an unopened condition in a cool and dry place.

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