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Wall Putty

Motion Paints Wall putty is a White cement based fine powder which provides an ideal finishing for concrete/cement D plastered walls and ceiling. It provides an ideal base for painting. It provides a damp resistant smooth finish for further application of all kinds of paints. (Damp resistance means resistance to water in humid air & not physical water contacts/leakages). It gives pleasing look to interiors & exteriors. It is fine powder to be mixed with water as advised for direct application on the plastered surface of the interiors/exteriors to get a silky and shiny finish. Can be used on concrete, rendered wall, hollow block, precast walls, concrete ceilings, calcium silicate bricks & aerated lightweight blocks. Not recommended for use on painted or other non-cementitious surfaces.



New Surface


New surface requires preparation such as removal of dust, dirt and foreign matter. In case of cracks, voids & damages it should be repaired. The surface should be

in just-wet condition, prior to putty application.


Old Unpainted Surface


All loose material, organic growth, dirt, dust, etc. must be removed with the steel blade or wire brush. The surface should be in just-wet condition, prior to putty application.


Old Painted Surface


Scrub the surface with coarse wire brush/sandpaper and clean thoroughly so that it is free from old paint/dust particles till the cementitious or plastered surface is seen. Surface could be washed with water, however ensuring that surface should be in just-wet condition, prior to putty application.


Very Rough Surface


If surface plaster was rough, one applies white cement/white cement mortar and level the surface. Cure the surface for 2 days, before starting putty coat. The surface should be in just-wet condition, prior to putty application.


The area near the skirting


Extra care is recommended for the area adjacent to skirting of the floor (at least area up to one foot above the skirting). During grinding of the skirting and floor, the slurry is generated. It sticks to the wall and if not cleaned properly, wall putty on it will not give good results. Chances of flaking/poor adhesion. The area at least up to one foot above the skirting should be cleaned with wire brush and washed thoroughly so that slurry deposited on the wall during grinding is totally removed. After drying the wall, putty can be applied as normal.


Plaster showing sign of efflorescence/salt deposition


If due to salty water or salts in sand/bricks, the problem of efflorescence is observed then plastered surface should be treated with a mild acid like citric acid before application of Motion Paints Wall Putty. Otherwise, wall putty will not stick to the wall and problem of flaking may arise. After 30 minutes of treating the surface with mild acid, the surface should be washed thoroughly so that no acid remains on the wall. After drying properly, wall putty can be applied as normal. This treatment should be done under proper supervision.




1.       Mix Motion Paints Wall Putty slowly in @ 35 - 40% water by volume to prepare the paste of desired consistency.


2.       Mix vigorously for 5-10 minutes for making lump-free and uniform paste.


3.       The product should be mixed in such quantities that it could be used within 2 hours of its preparation.


4.       Mixing could be done manually or by a suitable electric mixer.




1.       Maximum two coats (Layers) of Motion Paints Wall Putty. The maximum thickness of the first coat (Layer) 1.5 mm.


2.       The maximum thickness of the second coat (Layer) 1.0 mm. Approx. achievable coverage is 35 sqft./mm thickness /kg of Motion Paints Wall Putty.


3.       For recommended thickness above, the coverage achievable is @ 12.5 sq.ft/kg of Motion Paints Wall Putty. Or 280 sq.ft / 20 kg. bag of Motion Paints

        Wall Putty. However, actual coverage achieved depends on the base surface condition & finished thickness.




1.       Ensure that surface is plastered OR made with cementitious material. Ensure that the surface is totally clean.


2.       Ensure that the surface is moderately rough (Neither too-rough nor too-smooth).


3.       Ensure that surface is just-wet. Over-wetting resulting in accumulation of water on the surface should be avoided.


4.       Apply first coat.


5.       Use spatula/blade/ trowel on the wall with Configuration.


6.       Apply second coat preferably after @4 hours in hot Season & after @12 hours in cold season. Second coat shall be applied to even out application marks of

        first coat, if any.


7.       Re-mix putty pastes again for @1 minute if it is left undisturbed for @30 minutes. Allow complete drying for @3 days and then use fine emery paper to

        remove application mark, if any




8.       Half an hour after application of 2 coat smoothening could be done with a trowel.


9.       Paint could be done after 3 or more days of putty work but it shall be ensured that putty is completely dry before applying paint.


10.    Clean application tools with clean water.




1.       Although Motion Paints Wall Putty does not contain any toxic material, use rubber gloves while mixing.


2.       Precaution should be taken to avoid dust inhalation while handling putty powder or during removal of application marks with fine emery paper-say wearing

        nose mask.


3.       Keep the product out of reach of children.


4.       Once the putty paste has hardened, it shall not be used by adding water.




1.       Usual curing with a lot of water is not needed. Keeping in view the ambient temperature, need-based wetting is recommended


2.       Just-wet the surface, prior to putty application. After applying the first coat wet the surface gently.


3.       After application of second coat, wet surface twice a day for at least one day, if season demands it. Water shall be applied gently.




Store Motion Paints Wall putty in a dry place. Open the bag just before use.





We do not recommend mixing of pigments/stainer in Motion Paints Wall Putty. Quality of painted surface is directly proportional to the quality of the unpainted

surface. Motion Paints Wall putty renders ideal Condition as an unpainted surface for paint application. Paint can be applied on Motion Paints Wall putty with or

without primer. However, the use of primer shall give cost advantage in case of expensive paints. Lustrous white and smooth surface which can be left unpainted.

Life of Motion Paints Wall Putty is as long as the life of grey cement plaster underneath. It prevents the growth of algae and fungus on walls. Any kind of distemper

can be applied to it directly. The textured finish can be obtained by the use of texturing tools. As prevalent in case of other non-cement putties, primer application is

not recommended before Motion Paints Wall putty application. This saves cost.




1 kg P.P. packets put in 20 kg secondary HDPE bag for ease of handling. 5 kg packs put in 20 kg secondary HDPE bag for ease of handling.


20 kg HDEP bag put into 20 kg laminated P.P. bag. 40 kg HDEP bag put into 20 kg laminated P.P. bag.



motion paints wall putty 



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