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Motion Paints Cement Paint

Motion Paints Cement Paint is an Innovative product in a powder form for exterior and interior wall finish. This is based on white cement, titanium Di-oxide, waterproof chemicals, and different pigments. This is more durable, fungus resistant & protects from algae growths. It has been used successfully under the most trying conditions from cyclone rain to extremes of heat & cold, always proving its strength, durability, and beauty. This is a Highly Economical decorative & protective coating. Therefore It is the first choice of All. Motion Paints Cement Paint is available in 36 colors. 



  1.        Economical Exterior & Interior Wall finish.
  2.      Anti-fungus & anti-algae.
  3.        Superior Protection.
  4.     Greater coverage & less Labour cost.
  5.        Resistance to Weather.

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