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Motion Paints Grout carefully prepared blend of Portland cement, graded aggregates, fortifiers, and color-fast pigments, it is designed for joint width 1mm to 3mm, for porous & absorbent type tiles, non-vitreous clay tiles, and marble & glazed wall tiles. Suitable for internal and external applications. Vir Sun Series Cementitious Grout is a premium unsanded grout consisting of a carefully prepared blend of Portland cement, chemical additives, and fillers. Designed for use with Grout admix Plus when grouting narrow joints of width up to 3mm. It is highly suited for grouting porous and absorbent tiles.


  1.       Colorfast
  2.          Weather resistant and easy maintenance
  3.       Non-shrinking and non-cracking
  4.          Easy to apply and clean
  5.          No wet curing required when used with latex   

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